Lab Discovery Engine

What is it?

Lab Discovery Engine will be an open source remote lab management system to allow institutions to publish, share, discover and access their physical educational laboratories, thus democratizing and increasing access to equipment and resources regardless of space and time and saving costs.

Key features

The following are essential features of LabDiscoveryEngine, designed to facilitate the sharing, discovery, and utilization of remote educational labs.

Open Source

LDE is free and Open Source and encourages community collaboration and development.

For Lab Developers and Maintainers
Facilitates the remotization of existing equipments and creation of remote labs, providing tools and libraries for lab developers and lab maintainers.

Lab Discovery

Part of the NGI Search ecosystem, LabDiscoveryEngine will provide facilities to find, discover and access remote labs, connecting users and institutions to relevant STEM resources.

LabsLand Integration

Supported by LabsLand. Labs created with LDE are automatically compatible with LabsLand, benefitting from its global ecosystem.

If you are interested in remotizing equipment at your institution using LabDiscoveryEngine, contact us!